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More Complete.  More Effective.

Any meditation system that claims their technology alone is enough is only seeing half the picture. It is not taking advantage of the power of 21st Century audio by teaching you how to meditate with it.

By the same token, while there is much wisdom to be learned from the ancient masters as taught through time-consuming and costly seminars, today we can take advantage of modern brainwave science to enable the focus and receptivity that meditation demands. Inexpensively. Right at home.


A Liberating, not addictive, approach.

There are many meditation aids on the market using binaural audio or isochronic entrainment. Some work better than others. But all would have you believe that technology alone can substitute for discipline and wisdom.

Many of them claim that you need their special proprietary technology to take you to a profound and deep mental state. They don't help you develop your own mental discipline - and this kind of dependency undermines the fundamental benefits of meditation. Through SoundMind, you will acquire the skills to be the master of your own mind, with no external dependencies required.

Finally, many other programs cost hundreds of dollars more for far less benefit received.


The Truth About Binaural Technology

Companies that make such fantastical claims as "you can meditate like a Zen Master instantly" are not being truthful. No program, least of all binaural technology alone, can help you achieve the profound self-discipline and willpower of a Zen Master without your own commitment, mental discipline, and time.

With your commitment and patience as the foundation, SoundMind Meditation will teach you the wisdom and discipline of a Zen Master - and our scientifically honed binaural audio will ease the way to a remarkable degree by rapidly bringing you into a meditative state. But one thing is sure: putting on a set of headphones and letting someone else do the work for you will not give you these mental skills. It will only hold you back.


The Spiritual Truth

Learning meditation takes practice. But the rewards of your efforts are nothing less than profound.

The catch is that you must sit. And sit. And sit again, every day. However, you will soon get to the point where sitting is so pleasurable and pacifying that you will want do so regularly, and you will miss it when you don't. At this point you will truly be on the path to liberation from your mind. You will realize that by not sitting and meditating, you become more agitated, unhappy and your mind tries to take control of you again. It is truism in meditation that "continuity of practice is the secret of success."

Set your own goals now and determine that you will be successful!


Your Own Guided Meditation Instruction

SoundMind Meditation not only puts you into the right mental state to meditate, we then teach you how. Plain and simple. Step by step.

You will learn to work with your inner nature, which is your breath and your body sensations. Because these are tools you have with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you'll learn to use them to meditate on your own while at the grocery store, sitting in traffic - at any moment you choose to self-reflect - with no audio assist required.

The techniques are not complicated for learning to use Breath, then Inner Body, to focus your mind. But they are the essential training wheels to get you started in your own independent meditation practice.

Complete the SoundMind Meditation Series and you will learn a real, usable skill. One that will give you a mastery of your own mind and radically transform your life. You will be happier. Less stressed. Less anxious. And have a clearer and sharper consciousness.  The technique you will learn is known traditionally as Vipassana which literally translates as insight.

SoundMInd is very thorough, and if you complete it to the end you will be able to sit for long periods in a deep state of concentration, examine your subconscious mind, and unravel its mysteries. You will have an amazingly simple and profoundly effective tool that you can use to feel connected to your deeper self no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Please dig as deeply as you choose into the abundant detail within this site about meditation in general and SoundMind approach. Or if you're ready to get started with our risk-free trial, click here.

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"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.