Volume I: The Breath Series

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This is the first volume of the SoundMind Meditation Course. Although it's a prerequisite to The Inner Body Series, it stands alone as a powerful technique of mindfulness meditation.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how these simple techniques of breath awareness can sharpen your focus and begin developing a deeper connection with your inner self. Even if you don't proceed to the insight meditation component of SoundMind in Volume II, Inner Body, the breath technique you learn here can reward you for life, with such proven mindfulness meditation benefits as:

  • Increased self-awareness, and self-acceptance
  • Enhanced appreciation of life
  • Serenity in the face of difficulties
  • More accepting attitude toward life and its challenges
  • Fluid adaptation to change
  • Significant decreases in anxiety and depression
  • Improved concentration and creativity
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Decreased stress-related physical symptoms, including chronic pain


All Breath Series instruction includes our binaural audio whole-brain entrainment technology to help you focus. Use the SELECT buttons below to choose from four calming background masking sounds (Vermont Rain, Deep Woods, Ocean Waves or Canyon Wind).

Each level of the breath series contains four separate 30-minute lessons, eventually taking you to the borders of inner body awareness.

For a deeper preview into The Breath Series, see the course description. Or take a look at the SoundMind Syllabus to see how our guidance is structured.

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The Breath Series- $14.99

Vermont Rain
Deep Woods
Ocean Surf
Canyon Wind
Instructions Only (no binaural, no background)

"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.