New to Meditation?

The restless mind:
the perfect candidate for meditation

Even the most advanced students of meditation began by thinking they didn't have what it takes to meditate.

If you've considered meditation in the past, chances are you've put it off for one of these reasons:

  • I don't have the time
  • I don't have the attention span
  • I have too many distractions
  • I'm not "spiritual" in that way

But the fact is, any and all of these assumptions make you a better candidate for meditation.

A restless mind is a wonderful thing. So is an empirical, scientific mind. What meditation will do is help you bring your mind under your control rather than the other way around. It will bring you that calmness and focus you've assumed was beyond your grasp. You will approach personal and professional challenges with greater clarity and confidence, by learning to shut off that little voice in your head that's constantly judging, nudging, nagging that you're not good enough. Or you can't achieve your goals. Or that you have to react to the pains and worries in your head.

So ignore the voice that's telling you the benefits of meditation are for other people - monks, cults, people removed from real life. Meditation is for people like you, and within your reach right now.

Meditation is "mindfulness." Pure and simple.

Meditation is also called "being present" or aware of being aware. It is having the power to stand back and observe your mind and your subconscious at work rather than being constantly caught up in their currents.

For a small glimpse into meditation, take a few seconds to do this exercise:

In a moment, stop reading. Take your eyes off the computer screen. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and clear your mind as best as you can by asking yourself this question:

"What is the very next thought that comes into my mind?"

Then watch with intensity for that next thought to enter. Watch and wait until it comes to you on its own, trying to be fully present and aware of it when it finally comes.

Try it right now before reading on....

If you tried the exercise, you may realize that because you were watching intently and waiting to see what you were going to be thinking, that you were experiencing objective awareness beyond your thinking. For a moment or two, your mind was totally silent as your consciousness was observing it. Then the thinking process started up and you were aware of it as a kind of background noise: it was as if your thinking mind and your consciousness were two separate things.

At the moment you became consciously aware of your own mind, you meditated! When you open up that new dimension of consciousness - when you can stop thinking and observe your own mind - you realize that you are not your mind. You can stand outside of it. The "enlightened consciousness" that you achieve through meditation is nothing more - or less - than separating your conscious experience from your thoughts.

Why let yourself be buffeted through life in a state of constant, agitated reaction to your surroundings and to that voice inside your head, when you can learn to observe the workings of your mind with complete objectivity?

You are more than the content of your thoughts.

The more you become aware of that higher level of awareness within you, the less you will be a slave to your mind. You will learn to recognize it as an expression of your subconscious, not objective reality.

You will, in other words, become the master of your mind: You will understand that anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, greed, and all other negative thoughts are, indeed, merely thoughts that can be watched with a blissfully detached objectivity, and diffused like the ticking bombs that they are, through insight meditation.

Please see the research section for more information on the many scientifically validated therapeutic benefits of meditation.

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Please remember that to practice meditation is to do just that: practice. Even the most advanced practitioners are still students of the art.

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