Getting Started

The recommended listening method for the SoundMind programs is to use a portable mp3 player of your choice.  If you do not have one, the programs can easily be transferred to CDs.  Instructions for either method are found below.  Please Note: You will need a program to open up a zip file.  If you do not have one installed on your system, please go to and download a free open-source zip utility.  In our opinion, it is the best zip-file utility available, and it's free.  After you install it, all your zip-files will open easily with jzip.

Instructions For ipod or other Mp3 player:

1. Install itunes, Windows Media Player or use your favorite media software that you currently use with your mp3 player of choice.

2. Follow the instructions on your media device (ipod, zune, Zen, etc.) to load the SoundMind programs onto your player.  For smaller storage listening devices, we recommend only loading one level at a time or even just one program at a time (each program file is over 100 MB).  As you move up through each level of the course, delete previous levels, and only load them back on if you want to review old lessons.  If you have a player with plenty of storage, then just load 'em all up for convenient access.

3. Find a time when you can sit and listen every day and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this technique of insight meditation!

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CD Burning Instructions:

If burning to CD, please follow the instructions for the software of your choice.  Note: iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Infrarecorder CD burning instructions are listed below.  All three programs are included in your download folder.

Please Note: You should add 'Breath N.0 Discourse' and 'Breath N.1 Main instructions'  to the same CD as these two programs should be heard back-to-back on the same CD (the N is representing whatever level you are on in the Breath series, so Breath 1.0 Discourse would go with Breath 1.1 Main Instructions on that particular CD playlist).  For all other programs (Breath N.2, N.3 and N.4) you will only choose one program per CD playlist (they will each take up an entire CD).

For example, you would burn the following CDs for Breath I:

  • CD 1: Breath 1.0 Discourse + Breath 1.1 Main Instructions
  • CD 2: Breath 1.2 Guided Review
  • CD 3: Breath 1.3 Bell & Gong Session
  • CD 4: Breath 1.4 Practice Session


1. Install and run iTunes

2. Add SoundMind mp3s to your iTunes library by selecting: File --> Add folder to library.  Then browse to your save location for the SoundMind Program files and click OK.  Or just drag and drop the containing folder directly onto the "library" at the upper left corner of the iTunes browser.

3. On the lower left corner of the iTunes browser you will see a little plus (+) sign to create a new play list.  Click this button and create a separate play list for each program.  For example you would create a playlist called Breath 1.2 Guided Review.

4. Go to your iTunes library, find that specific SoundMind program, and then drag and drop that program from your itunes library directly onto that playlist folder (for the above example you would drag and drop 'Breath 1.2 Guided Review' to that playlist called 'Breath 1.2 Guided Review').

5. After you create the playlist and add the program(s) to it, add your blank CD to your CD burner drive and click the "Burn Disc" button on the lower right corner of the iTunes browser.  

6. iTunes will do it's magic and create your CD for you!  Eject the freshly burned CD, place in your CD player and enjoy!  Please be sure to listen with stereo headphones.

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Windows Media Player

1. Install and run Windows Media Player

2. Drag and drop the SoundMind Program folder to the Windows Media Player Library button at the top of the Browser.

3. Go to the "Artist" sublist under the "Library" on the left side of the browser.  Scroll down to SoundMind and Click on it.

4. Click on "Burn" at the top of the Windows Media Player Browser.

5. Drag and drop one program file to the right side of the Browser to the area "Drag items here" (For example: drag 'Breath 1.1 Main Instructions').  

6. Place your blank CD into your CD burner drive and Click "Start Burn" on the lower right hand corner of the browswer.  

7. Eject freshly burned CD, place in your CD player and enjoy!  Please be sure to listen with stereo headphones.

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1. Install and run Infrarecorder (included in this download file: "ir050")

2. Click on Burn Audio CD

3. In the "explorer view" browse to your save location for SoundMind files

4. Drag and drop "Breath N.0 Discourse" and "Breath N.1 Main Instructions" (N represents whatever level you are burning) into the lower window "Disc Layout" to create Main Instructions CD.  (Note: "Breath N.0 Discourse" and "Breath N.1 Main Instructions" should be on the same CD, while  "Breath N.2, N.3 and N.4" should each go onto separate CDs)

5. Click the icon third from the top left (burn the current compilation to a physical compact disc).  This will create your Main Instructions CD which has the Discourse as the first track and the Main Instructions as the second track.

6. From the top menu "file" click select "New Project" from the drop down list.

7. Repeat step 3, then drag and drop Breath N.2 into Disc layout window (similar to step 4 but only this one track this time).

8. Repeat step 5 to burn to disc.

9. Repeat step 6, 7 and 8 for Breath N.3 and N.4.

10. This is NOT as complicated as it looks.  This is much more complicated to explain than to actually do.  You could probably figure it out on your own, and if that's easier please do so.  Just please be sure to include the discourse on the same CD as the main instructions (as tracks 1 and 2 respectively).

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"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.