Volume II: Inner Body Series

Inner body awareness is the second level of the SoundMind Meditation course.  Our breath is the initial link to becoming fully present in the moment-to-moment consciousness that is the “now”.  After we learn to remain with the breath for extended periods of time, we can then use this concentration to our advantage by turning our attention inwards and learning the Inner Body awareness technique.  The Inner Body technique is the main technique that will take you to the deepest levels of the subconscious mind.  It is only recommended that you begin using Inner Body after completing the Breath Series.  Without a fully developed skill set in breath awareness, Inner Body will be much more overwhelming to the beginner meditator.  In other words, until you develop the minimum level of skill in concentrating your mind, you will be too distracted and restless to practice the Inner Body technique.  The Breath Series will fully prepare you for Inner Body.

Inner Body (insight) meditation has countless benefits, thus making it impossible to list them all. The following is but a short list of examples of the benefits of Inner Body meditation:

  • Allows you to see things as they truly are
  • Gives one clarity into how mind and matter interact
  • It gives the mind stronger motivation, effort, and patience
  • Improves memory
  • Decreases dimentia in old age
  • gives a fundamental understanding of reality
  • Allows us to see beyond learned constructs and see the hidden truths
  • Increases feelings of love, compassion, and contentment
  • Gives self insight allowing you to "know yourself" better
  • Creates a lasting sense of joy every time it is practiced
  • De-conditions the negativities of anger, hatred, greed, selfishness
  • Eliminates depression
  • Reduces Anxiety and lowers blood pressure
  • Removes impurities of your mind
  • Increases concentration ability
  • Gives you insight into how your mind is working

Inner Body awareness is the key to purifying the mind.  The reason it is so effective is because our bodily sensations are our most intimate link to conscious reality.  Everything we experience in life is some sort of sensory experience.  By learning to be fully aware of our bodily sensations, we can learn to transcend those difficult and stressful situations that we encounter in our lives because ultimately, everything we experience is a sensation that is felt on the Inner Body.   Click here for a complete explanation of Inner Body.  Or, all this will also be covered during your program, so if your ready to get started click here.

Inner body will guide you through a series of one-hour guided-meditation instructional sessions.  The increase from 30 minutes in the breath technique to 60 minutes for Inner Body will feel quite natural so don't be intimidated, we will guide you effortlessly.  Return to Inner Body Series purchase page.

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Robin B., London, UK.