How Does It Work?

Uniquely complete and
effective guidance.

The SoundMind Meditation program merges two meditation guidance methods into one profoundly effective system. It is unlike anything you may have heard about or tried before.

Our unique approach uses both technological support in the form of trance-inducing brainwave therapy together with instructional voice guidance from highly-regarded insight meditation tutor Jonathan Cole. SoundMind combines the traditional insight meditation technique taught by the Buddha himself with cutting edge brainwave training technology that makes it much easier to quiet your mind and learn.

Today the line between science and spirituality is fading. SoundMind Meditation is at the forefront of this new age by integrating the wisdom of yesterday with the science of today. Any meditation system that still uses only half of this whole-mind system falls short.

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The Backdrop: Brainwave Entrainment

To make you receptive to meditation and instruction, SoundMind Meditation technology uses scientifically and clinically proven binaural audio technology. Binaural audio works by sending two different audible tones to each ear via stereo headphones. The listener actually perceives a third sound, created when the two hemispheres of the brain communicate and combine the tones together into one perception.

This interaction creates a focused mental state known as whole-brain synchronization. Whole-brain synchronization results in a higher-performing mind and more efficient brain mechanics. SoundMind's binaural audio is specifically programmed to maximize mental concentration, increase relaxation and meditative states, and to release endorphins in the brain conducive to euphoric states of consciousness.

Read more about the science of brainwave entrainment and binaural audio, and sample SoundMind's binaural beats.


The Foreground: Guided Instruction

Most valuable of all is the carefully crafted, highly esteemed guidance \by Jonathan Cole - a lifelong student and inspiring instructor in insight meditation.

Through a series of simple lessons, you will learn to meditate entirely on your own, without the help of audio or instructional aids.

Instruction consists of the introductory Breath Series, followed by the Inner Body Series. There are four levels within each of these series, with each level consisting of four programs of guided instruction.

  • Breath I - IV offers four 30-minute programs within each level that you download, with an additional 30 minutes of optional meditation time.
  • Inner Body I - IV assumes mastery of the basics of concentration, allowing each instructional program to be extended to 60 minutes.

In the Breath Series, you will learn mindfulness and achieve the ability to focus and concentrate your mind intently on one point of awareness - so don't rush through or skip this series. Both Breath and Inner Body are equally beneficial and should be practiced, sequentially, with equal effort. Each technique will help you become better at the other.


Looking Under The Hood

Through meditation we learn to jettison all those filters and conditioned behavior patterns we began to accumulate the day we were born.

Gradually, by observing and reacting to our surroundings, we have learned to see the world through a very specific cultural lens, and have lost the ability to see if from a clear, objective perspective. Meditation allows us to witness how our subconscious mind reacts to the world and to sensations both pleasant and unpleasant.

In life, we don't have a "check engine" light for our minds like we do for our cars. We can't just take our minds to a mechanic to do maintenance and repair. We have to develop our own expertise in sensing problems. Diagnosing their source. And doing the fix ourselves. That's what meditation makes possible.

By learning to focus and sharpen your mind with the Breath technique, you will acquire the tools to penetrate into the deeper levels of your mind. Then, through practicing the Inner Body technique, you can use these tools to see the deepest and most subtle habit patterns stored in your subconscious. In doing so, you will learn to see and understand your true nature. To become more accepting of ourselves. And to be more at ease.


Mastering Your Mind

It is next to impossible for most of us to deprogram our conditioned behaviors without thoroughly understanding their causes in the deepest recesses of our minds.

We quite literally become addicted to our behaviors. We've learned that some sensations are good and some bad, we try to cling to the good ones while feeling hatred to the others and wanting them to go away as quickly as possible.

But things that we come into contact within the world are objectively neither good nor bad until our conditioned mind steps in and tells us that it is either positive or negative. Pain, as just one example, is quite literally all in the mind: it is just sensation on the body until our mind categorizes it into a more subjective, unpleasant, experience. Only then do we say, "Ouch! That hurts!"

When we learn that craving and aversion are conditioned reflexes, and live by that insight, the sooner we can start being truly happy, no matter what happens in our lives.

This is what you will gain by practicing the SoundMind Meditation techniques: you will learn to directly contact the most subtle sensations in your body, and as you learn more about this technique, you will begin to break the cycle of blindly repeating your mental conditioning.


The Equanimity of Impermanence

Imagine truly grasping that nothing outside of yourself can make you unhappy. That unhappiness is all self-generated. That you can live a happy and joy-filled life no matter what sensations swirl around you.

The experience of impermanence, on our physical body, is what ultimately liberates our minds. By deeply experiencing our bodily sensations, we learn that both discomfort and pleasure are fleeting. We learn to accept whatever arises in each moment and be fully at peace, realizing from our own experience that all sensations are impermanent. We are able to fully enjoy life free of the tensions that we constantly create for ourselves.

"Equanimity" is a word you will hear a lot as you progress through the SoundMind programs. Equanimity is the purity of mind that you will come to treasure when you are at the most quiet and still places of your meditation sessions. A mind that is at peace, neither craving something nor loathing something else, or feeling hatred towards an experience that it doesn't want is a liberated mind, at peace with itself and the world.

Equanimity is only a word until you experience it for yourself. SoundMind is the pathway through which it will become a very real part of you. To see everything as it is, not simply as we would like it to be, is to be truly liberated and to embrace life. It's a revelation you can begin opening today.

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"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.