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How to use this checkout system:

Please select a SoundMind Meditation package from above to learn more about each package.  We strongly recommend SoundMind Complete which is the best value (save ~$5).  If you are on a budget and need to buy downloads a la carte, you should start from the beginning, with The Breath Series.  Our guided meditation program is broken up into two main categories: Breath, and Inner Body.  They build on each other, in other words, the skills you learn during Breath are used to practice Inner Body.  You may listen to any of the four optional background sounds on each checkout page by clicking on the audio players next to each option (by first clicking "select").  Choose the background that you find to be most relaxing and stay with that option throughout the entire meditation course.  You may choose more than one background, but this isn't necessary and we recommend sticking with your first preference.

You will get a significant discount if you purchase each full volume (The Breath Series and then The Inner Body Series), or the entire program (The Complete SoundMind Meditation).

Keep in mind, these downloads are rather large.  In order to maintain their high sound quality, it was necessary to avoid compressing them into a smaller format.  This is important, as your listening experience and sound quality are crucial to your enjoyment and to the effectiveness of the programs.

system requirements

  • Windows or Mac OSX operating systems
  • 510 MB of hard drive space per level (approximately 5 GB for the entire course).
  • iTunes, Windows Media Player, Infrarecorder (all included, see full installation instructions)
  • -or- the CD burning software of your choice.
  • iPod, Zune, Zen, or any mp3 player with at least 200 MB of storage
  • -or- a portable CD player, or portable laptop computer.
  • -or- an extra-long headphone cord from your home stereo system to your meditation area.
  • stereo headphones

Listening Options

  • Option 1: mp3 player (iPod, Zune, Creative ZEN or any similar player)
  • Option 2: CD Burner and portable CD player.
  • Option 3: A laptop computer as your portable music player.
  • Option 4: Your home stereo or media system and an extra long cord on your headphones

"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.