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SoundMind Meditation is a small company specializing in insight meditation instruction and supportive technology development. Our services also include Dharma Mittra yoga instruction, integrative nutrition and certified holistic health counseling.

SoundMind was founded by Jonathan Cole, a seasoned and respected insight meditation student and guide. Years ago, Jonathan discovered the value of binaural audio to enabling and deepening the meditative state, and started the company to develop and market a refined form of binaural audio to other meditation practitioners. Many hundreds of people now reap the benefits of SoundMind's binaural audio progressions. The testimonials speak for themselves.


In 2009, Jonathan undertook to create what many of his customers and students had been asking for: a complete program that packages his experience and wisdom in how to begin and improve one's meditative abilities right along with SoundMind's binaural audio environment ... and that does so far more affordably than many packages on the market providing audio enhancements alone.

Today, SoundMind 2.0 truly lives up to the company's name: We provide students with both an ideal aural environment and the mindfulness techniques that make meditation an easy, satisfying and invigorating antidote to the strains and stresses of daily life. With Jonathan Cole's distinctively soothing resonance and unhurried guidance, you will look forward to each new session as both a refuge from tensions and a journey into ever greater personal discovery and empowerment.

Combined with its authoritative health and nutrition counseling, including volumes of valuable information and guidance free on this site, SoundMind is a resource that will serve you well for a long and healthful lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish relationships with our customers which facilitate positive change toward a clearer, more balanced and happy mind through downloadable guided-meditation software, comprehensive nutritional and holistic advice and individualized customer care.

Make Yourself at Home

Please peruse this site and come back often to read, at your leisure, the information presented here.  We are constantly working to streamline the site to keep the flow clean and easy, while making the heavier reading easily accessible in the [read more] links.  We hope this navigation experience works well for you.  We suggest you read more and more as you get deeper and deeper into the  SoundMind meditation experience. Get started now and learn as you go.  You will have wise and expert guidance every step of the way.

Questions? Many of them may be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Otherwise,  please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to greater health, self-awareness and peace of mind.

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"I've been using this product nearly everyday for 3 months now. I can truly say it's the best meditation product I've tried. The 8 different levels each have voice guidance throughout. I've used plenty of other meditation audio products, but I rate SoundMind the best. I've definitely made a lot of progress in my practice. Excellent value for money!"
Robin B., London, UK.